The Magic of Light 2.0
Learn how to make masterpieces effectively using light and add cool works to your portfolio
Original course by Kemran Shiraliev
for beginners
and professionals
online worldwide
in Russian
and in English
The Magic of Light 2.0
Learn how to make masterpieces effectively using light and add cool works to your portfolio
Original course by Kemran Shiraliev
для новичков
и профессионалов
онлайн из любой
точки мира
на русском
и английском языке
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Course author
Kemran Shiraliev
> 700
XPphotographers 2021 Photographer of the Year
Fearlessphotographers' Top 10 Photographers of the World in 2021
ISPWP Photographer of the Year in 2016 and 2021
years in photography
Quality materials
Video with great picture, sound and editing
Emphasis on practice
The work format is aimed at practice to sharpen skills
Experienced curators
The curatorial team and I will personally answer your questions in the chat room
Joint chat of participants
Chat for support and mutual help from participants and mentors
Tricks, secrets, and tips - will be available
How will the training go?
Watching the video
Going to practice
You get feedback
You add it to your portfolio
You apply it to real orders
Beginning photographers
Get an invaluable foundation in working with light and learn new tools for shooting.
They will consolidate the skills of working with light, add new shots to the portfolio.
Start working with light more efficiently and faster, add new works to your portfolio as well.
Who is this course for?
Lesson 1: Sources of artificial light
Lesson 2: Constant Light
Lesson 3: Gobo Masks
Lesson 4: Practical techniques with permanent light
Lesson 5. Mixed Light
Lesson 6: Instant light
Lesson 7: The magic of slow shutter speeds
Lesson 8. Flash outdoors
Lesson 9. Freezelight and other techniques
Learn how to work with instant light and pulsed light
You'll get technical tricks for creating WOW shots
Expand the number of shooting tools
Fill up your portfolio with new artistic shots in the style of Kemran Shiraliev
Find new colleagues and friends for creative collaborations
$ 199
Tariff "Standard"
  • video tutorials
  • assignments
  • checklists for work
  • member chat
  • course certificate

What will you need for training?
A basic camera and lens will be enough. It is recommended to have a flashlight with radiosynchronizer to master some of the techniques with the flash
Will I be able to watch lessons at any time?
Yes, of course, recordings of the lessons will be available during the training
Can I participate if I am a beginner?
Yes, of course, beginners will get basic skills in working with light and use this course to pump up more complex artistic techniques
Will the course fit me if I'm not a wedding photographer?
Of course, in this course you will get a set of skills and techniques that will be useful in any genre of photography
Is it possible to pay not from Russia?
Yes, you can. We accept payments on PayPal
Can I get my money back if I don't like the course?
No, because I am confident in the quality of the course and if you do your homework you will get 100% results
My team is available and happy to help